Analyzed as Analysed

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 by Debiprasad Sahoo

I frequently commit this spelling mistake. Analyzed is the correct spelling as per US English. Most of the time, I write it as Analysed. This is wrong in US English. However this is the correct spelling in UK English. So, if you are communicating in US English, then you need to follow the first one. Analyzing is also for Analysing in US English.

4 Responses to "Analyzed as Analysed":

Mely316 says:

Follow vs. Fallow......
I believe it's follow ???

Debiprasad says:

Follow is to come or go after, whereas Fallow means to leave a land.

nickbailey says:

And UK English is spelt 'English'.

I also believe that the 'z' is the correct original English spelling, but due to the popularity of it in America, Microsoft assumed that we must use 's' not 'z'.

Similar to how Apple thinks that British calendars start on a Monday even though they traditionally start on a Sunday (due to the fact that we're also a Christian country).

Debiprasad Sahoo says:

Thanks Nick for your inputs :-)