Opinion as Openion

Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2009 by Debiprasad Sahoo

When I tried to type Opinion today, three time I typed Openion. First, I doubt on the spelling after 2 minutes, and then moved to Orkut scrapbook page (I need a text area on Firefox to check spellings by it's inbuilt spell checker). Then I came to know that I made that mistake. After that also, I tried to type it 2 more times, and typed Openion instead of Opinion, but this time I caught it while typing, before finishing the word.

2 Responses to "Opinion as Openion":

gautom says:

I should not hide the fact that you are so like me except I am so lazy and you are absolute the opposite.

Debiprasad says:

I am also too lazy, in normal. For example, today I slept for 9 hrs 30 minutes.

I am also not a genius as you. Not a smart kid like you too.